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Secaucus Animal Shelter

The Secaucus Animal Shelter is dedicated to saving animals. Our mission is to rescue abandoned, abused and injured animals; rehabilitate them, have them vaccinated, spayed or neutered; and find them loving adoptive homes.   

We believe the most effective way to address the problem of abandoned animals is to raise public awareness of responsible pet ownership

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are an important part of the Secaucus Animal Shelter, You can make a difference; just 2 hours a week will make a world of difference in the lives of shelter animals. Please visit our Volunteer page for volunteering opportunities.

Adopt a Friend For Life

Most of these animals are here through no fault of their own. Many are wonderful, healthy and well-behaved family pets that have been abandoned due to unfortunate circumstances. As part of the adoption process, we evaluate all of our rescues for behavior and physical problems prior to clearing them for adoption.

opening Hours

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  • Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 - 4:30


Let us know when you will be stopping by so that we can be sure that someone is here to meet you.

Walk-ins are always welcome but it is always helpful to know in advance.